A Benefit Gig for Breast Cancer Prevention

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Alab ng Dibdib: A Traveling Bonfires Benefit Gig for Breast Cancer Awareness is set on August 21, 2010, Saturday, 7:30PM – 10:30PM at Conspiracy Bar and Garden Cafe. The event is to be presented by the Traveling Bonfires – Philippines in partnership with the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc.

The benefit gig will feature Filipino rock bands Nuklus, Bersus, Anak ni Aling Juana and KALAYAG, with a special performance by talented 15-year old Awee Sanchez. A docu-film, “MUTYA”, on breast cancer patients and survivors will be screened at 7:30PM, before the musical performances. Model and blogger, Elli Isaac (MAELFATALIS), will be the evening’s hostess.

For more information, contact Ms. Lornadahl Campilan, Line Producer — lornadahl.campilan@gmail.com.

Door ticket: Php100.00

The Artists:


Anak ni Aling Juana

In early 2001, Anak ni Aling Juana was born. The members were part of a cultural group called Tambisan sa Sining, and having the common skills and tastes in music, they formed the band. With a folk-blues-rock sound, their music and lyrics reflect their vision of a truly humane and progressive society. The members are Maryjane ‘Babez’ Alejo on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Flon Faurillo on lead guitar and vocals, Pedro Alejo on bass and vocals, Pet Baricaua on drums and percussions, Louie Eslao on lead guitar and vocals and Boy Dominguez on blues harp.

They originally started as a band in 1998 but with a different name and with only four original members—Flon, Pedro, Pet and Babez.
Coming up with a new name was quite a difficult task for the group, but while listening to the songs in their album, each one naturally agreed to use the title of one of their songs for it encapsulates the nature of each member and their vision, and the character of their music. And so it was and is—ANAK NI ALING JUANA.


A folk/rock band which is the innovators of socio-political music in the early 80’s. It was in the late 70’s when the original band was forged, composed of Ananda Marga followers, a socio-spiritual yoga movement. The original band used to play and write spiritual music. But by the early 80’s, the band shift to a new advocacy, which is environmental preservation, ignited by their new advocacy against the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, giving birth to the song “Dambuhala Sa Morong” (Monster Of Morong) which became the anthem of the No Nukes movement in the Philippines.

In 1984, ÑukLuS, together with other artist started an organization called “BUKLOD” (Bukluran ng Musikero para sa Ikauunlad ng Bayan) which aims to promote and educate the people of their advocacy against the oppressive governance of the Marcoses. That same stage in the early 80’s, the band added a new flavor to their music. They started to write songs that are more socio-politically inclined, which became the core of modern revolutionary Filipino music. They were the first of their kind, and it was evident that during that time, revolutionary kind of music was not tolerated as it is now. Only one radio station dared to play their songs, and that was DZRJ courtesy of the late Howlin’ Dave [+Dante David+]. And being first of its kind, they became the first Filipino Progressive Rock band to become a member of “OPM” (Organisasyon ng mga Pilipinong Mang-aawit).

Helping them realize the environmental, political and social issues that tears down the nation during that time, in the span of seven years from 1980 to 1987, they have become part of many rallies and concerts most of which aimed to make the youth, specially college students aware of what’s happening outside the confides of their universities.

In June 14,1985, the band won the First TUKLAS Musical Competition, faving the way to their first single under Jeddfecar records entitiled “Mamang May Baril”, another socio-political issue that targets the militarization in the countryside. Again the song was denied of radio air time.

In 1987, the band decided to separate, after the EDSA People Power Revolution that put an end to the dictatorship. In 1993, they decided to get back together again. Create their first concept album entitled “Kasaysayan Ni Juan” under Freddie Aguilar “AMP” (Aguilar Music Phils.) and released thru Vicor Music Phils. The songs in this album tackles the historical journey of Pinoy bondage to the system.


Current generation of Bersus members are relatively new. Regrouped from 2004 disbandment. Led by its lyricist-composer-vocalist-and-other half of the founding leaders, the band features their new songs “Lakbay” and “Kulangkulang ang Dagdag” to initiate its comeback after more than five years.

Bersus was founded in 1995 and has performed its own compositions in different concert venues such as Remedios Circle, Amoranto Stadium, Concert at the Park aired through Channel 4, Music Bureau ABC 5. Had regular gigs at Mayric’s, 70s Bistro, and other bars. Invited also for provincial appearances such as Vigan, Oriental Mindoro.

Its line-up is composed of Abet Umil on vocals, a Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature multi-awarded poet; Eric Sister, on bass guitar, B. S. Education graduate from University of the Philipines, Diliman; Joel Piñon, on rhythm guitar, an entrepreneur and Bersus co-founder; Emil Oyayi Umil, on lead guitar, a fresh B. S. Sociology graduate from Polytechnic University of the Philippines; Aldrich Reazo, on clarinet, a second year high school from Montessori Muntinlupa and member of the city band. Sessionist Jhake Nebreja on drums is the founder of Nuklus Band.


Model and writer, Elli Isaac, will be part of the book launching of “Ipuipo sa Piging” where her poems were collated with other Filipino poets. She goes by the name,  MAELFATALIS. http://kumukulongmantika.wordpress.com/



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